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Monday, July 03, 2006

For you business tycoons: a few ideas

What could be better for you entrepreneurs? I do your research for you, present what is needed in this growing town, and you get to see how people react. I’ll accept tips and free service!

Needed business ventures for Amherst/UMass:
New Affordable taxi-service (people, you can get anti-drunk driving funding, University/college funding, non-profit status, and form links with local bars/clubs/etc.). And please, do include service to Logan, Bradley, and JFK (you will compete with Valley Transporters who are charging WAY too much $$ for the trips to and fro)
Amherst to Boston, Amherst to NYC vans for weekend trips too please!! And don’t think about charging no $50. We will blogify you until you lower rates!

Live Music venues: no more rock, no more goth, no more punk... we want “world” music with some flava’ (that means ‘flavor’ for you not-so-street-inclined-folks). And we want NYC style lounge with quality tunes, please. Take a look at your competition and a look at the student body! You have a market! A big one! Let us really celebrate our diversity!

We want soul food, we want comida criolla, we want feijoada, and lots of organic fresh greens. We want it buffet style, perhaps the kind of deal where you weight the plate. You have a African, African-American, Caribbean, and Latin American studies departments and people want their food, music, and non-alcoholic beverage.

UMass Campus Center needs an affordable, organic veg Indian food vendor. Who is in charge of food services at the Campus Center/Student Union? You should be ashamed of the quality. The President of UMass would never eat that stuff. People are paying a lot of cash and you are giving them una sinverguenzada: that means, get some real cooks in that piece, please, and no more greasy poisonous U.S. foods. We are trying to make moves via our studies so SUPPORT US with new vendors that have REAL food. Open our minds to the culinary traditions of different cultures – good idea? Post comments, and put pressure on these people. This is 2006. Pizza ain't cutting it for college student diet.

I will come up with more ASAP!!!


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