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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amherst Life Wants to Bring in the Music!

Amherst, MA --- Amherst Life has returned to the chalk boards and is drawing out the plans for a new Center for the Arts in the downtown area. We are interested in purchasing the vacant building formerly occupied by Pinocchio’s restaurant, renovating it, and turning into a space for musicians, dancers, writers, film directors, photographers, sculptors, wood carvers, and whatever other form of art that crosses the mind. The plan includes an art gallery, a small performance space, a large performance space, a film viewing room, a café, and an area that will be used for teaching. We also hope to have studios for musicians and dancers. We want to bring in artists and feature performances every day of the week. As we are working on this project it would be great to know what you all from the town think – if we build it, will you come? Leave us comments or write to us at

Look forward to hearing from you


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