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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We're back!

It's been a while, but we read a post on the (UMass Journalism blog and were inspired to get back at it! Thanks!

So, first thing: YES WE CAN!!!! Amherst cars were beeping, people were running in the streets, a whole crew from Amherst College rushed the center in celebration, and folks were happy! There is hope!

Second: You must hit la noche latina at the Iron Horse on Tuesday nights at aroud 10:30pm -- great latin music, people dancing, nice crowd.

Third: Amherst Town Management has still done nothing about on-street parking for handicapped & elderly folks who live on Amity street and other areas where there are apartment buildings that do not allow for on-site (driveway) parking. That is a big issue for people who have to move their automobiles all over the town in search for a space. And when it gets icy, it is dangerous for many. So, put some pressure on this rich-serving town hall and tell them that their b.s. has gone on long enough. Would you like your grandmother going in and out of her nice apartment to move a car in the middle of the winter, and then walk back 30 minutes through the snow. We think not. Speak up. These people in town hall have been notified for years now.

Fourth: We need reviews on the new Vietnamese restaurant in Amherst center. And whatis happening with the Souper Bowl? Can someone get the word out that the owner needs to have some live music at night? He has a great spot for dancing. A bar. And what do they do? Soup. And crackers. Not cutting it! You have a great space -- use it!

Fifth: Raos employees need a serious overview of cleaning procedures that should begin with sponges. More precisely, employees need to know that MULTIPLE/Different sponges are used for different surfaces. You don't use the same sponge for every surface. You see them doing that, let the manager know or post a comment.

Sixth: UMass continues to abuse it's email system by allowing vendors to sell their goods to students via the college email account. Some corrupt official/administrator is making a killing on commissions. We have to speak up about this!

Seventh: Thanks for reading and sorry for the long hiatus!


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