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Saturday, November 21, 2009

UMass Health Services: Not Diagnosing Swine Flu?

People, UMass-Amherst's Heath Services Center is not diagnosing students with Swine Flu nor are they keeping track of the numbers of students with swine flu... They don't seem to think that knowing/having the number of students with swine flu matters. We find this troubling. More troubling is the fact that they are now asking that people with the flu/swine-like symptoms "just go home." So, nobody knows how severe the outbreak is at UMass. This is not good. We welcome your comments.

Lincoln Street Closes, Still no Parking

Um, excuse us, but did the town vote to SHUT DOWN the entryway from Lincoln Ave. onto the UMass Campus? For the first few weeks of school, barricades were set up, police were patrolling and ticketing anyone who tried to go around the barricades, traffic was altered, and all of this without much notice at all. So, our question is the following: why does the town act so quickly to do some radical street alterations and, at the same time, drag their feet when it comes time to offer center residents a 24-hour parking space during the winter? The answer: people who don't have driveways/off-street parking are the ones renting apartments in buildings. Those on Lincoln are the landed gentry. Come on Town Hall! It is NOT THAT HARD to open up 24 hour parking for the center residents. You shut down an entire street, you can do this. The spaces are already there.

Moti Restaurant

Well, we don't want to boast, but it does look like the owners of Moti saw our business prospects in Amherst posting (along with two new taxi companies) and they are doing very well. The moral of the story: if Amherst Life calls for a new business in town, one might act on it.

We are still looking for music venues! Live and recorded music -- something other than the bars in town please!

We will keep posting our ideas for new businesses in the area. Right now there are two prime spaces in the center of town, perfect for a music cafe.

Moti is definitely worth a visit -- good food, very friendly staff. The only thing is that if they are going to serve to a university crowd, more food on the plates is necessary for the price! But good quality and finally some Persian/Mediterranean cuisine!