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Monday, July 03, 2006

Restaurants in town...

Although I am not sure how well the owner pays the workers (comments?), Pasta e Basta has very good food, large portions, and fair prices for what you get!! Keep up the good quality!! Like the no-waiter concept downstairs!

Judy’s... great location, great physical space (at least, in the expansive window area), pretty good food, but what happened to your prices? Up, up, and up, means we students are moving, moving along. Student fare, please!

Amherst Chinese: sometimes very good, sometimes not. You have an organic farm, right? So, why are you charging apx. $10/plate to order from your organic veg. menu? Not making sense. Great bean sprout salad, great physical space (lots of natural light), beautiful orchids all over the restaurant... But lower the organic veg price and nobody can compete with you!

Panda East: Sometimes good, sometimes not so hot. The owner is a terrific guy but when he is not around, the kitchen staff sometimes gets lazy and doesn’t cook/heat up things so well. My opinion, if you have more organic menu, more veg., less MSG, you can make moves.

new African/Caribbean joint: some TASTY dishes!! Keep it up but no more of the frozen veg. sides please. Get some fresh veg from Whole Foods and you are golden!

Brugers: 1 bagel, cream cheese, drink, $82.45. Black sheep: $2. Loose Goose: better.

Loose Goose: The best quality cafe in town!! Keep it up! All fresh, all good! Great service. But don’t all go there because that is the quiet cafe in town and you don’t have to deal with lusting coffee drinkers staring at you.

Black Sheep: good but the sanwiches decreased in size and the country music thing needs to be reduced in favor of BETTER live music!! It is not hard to find!

Raos: a little less strange stimulant you have concocted for your coffee might be nice. Great sitting area, new tables, and chairs!! Internet connections needs a revamp, though. Huge cookies are nice but a little less sugar might be a good idea....


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