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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amherst Parking Situation

Amherst, MA --- After three weeks of writing to town officials and the Amherst selectoboard.... [drumroll].... absolutely NOTHING has been done regarding the request for 24-hour parking for permit holding center residents!

Do town officials not care about the renting population here? Is our elected body working for all of the residents or only the ones who own property here?

What they are saying is basically: ‘if the new parking ban leaves you without anywhere to park, get over it.’ It’s that simple.

So here is the deal. If you want a place to park, send us an email with your name, email, and address with a note of your own or the following pasted into he email:

“We do not have a place to park between December and June and want the town to open up spaces for us. The Parking Garage is full and it is not possible for us to move our cars at night and again before 8AM. We work late night shifts, we are single parents that can’t leave our children alone, we have situations that you are not thinking about.”

We will print out the emails and bring them to the Town Manager who has been anything but cooperative.


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