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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jason Vassell Meeting Tomorrow

This just in...

We are writing to remind you of the community-wide organizing meeting that
is taking place tomorrow, Monday, November 24th, at 6 PM. It will be held in
the lower level meeting room of the Bangs Community Center. The Bangs
Community Center is located at 70 Boltwood Walk in Amherst, behind Rao's

Our rally last week was very successful. Despite the freezing temperatures,
several hundred supporters came to voice their support. We presented over
4500 petition signatures to District Attorney Scheibel's office. We received
favorable coverage in all of the major local newspapers and on all of the
local TV channels. The newly formed Western Massachusetts Coalition for
Justice for Jason is growing by the day. We are gaining momentum."

Your attendance is needed!


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