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Friday, December 21, 2007

Town of Amherst Looks at the National

How are Folks from/in the Town of Amherst Looking at the National?

How the local looks at the national and the global is a perspective that we are going to start embracing here at Amherst Life. Why? Well, for one, we find some patterns between (for example) the Town Manager, the Town “Selectboard” (such a gender-conscious name) and the present administration. We see parallels between the Amherst Police (how many African American and Latino drivers can they pull over in a day? how long are they going to let those three white men who live next to “Subway” sell drugs and stumble around the town? – don’t get us wrong, we don’t care if the police ignore these guys who are selling flowers that they picked from people’s gardens or stuffed animals without a peddlers license; we just find it interesting that if those were three African American, Latino, Native American, and/or Asian men they would be detained in a NY minute.)

Slight tangent... returning to point at hand... we see parallels between the Amherst Police/UMass police and the rise in police harassment, abuse, and violence against “minorities” (we have to keep reminding folks that the people that mainstream U.S. folks call “minorities” are the WORLD’S MAJORITY and that so-called “white” people are the world’s MINORITY) and we think that step one in creating some change in the “happy valley” is probably informing the happy valley that the cultural practices that these towns engage in (under the guise of “being liberal”) are forms of racism, classism, and sexism that permeate society. It also makes it easier for us to call you out (you being the Town Manager or the Selectboard) if we can show you what the same pattern is amounting to on a national scale. So, without further a due, Amherst Life goes National.

If you live in the area and are writing about local or national events, send us a line with your document attached (in Word is best):

We are trying to get a range of local experiences and perspectives on the national and the global.

Look forward to hearing from you all.


  • At 8:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You note that white people are a minority in the world. This is true, and shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody, but what's your point? Of what significance is this to anything taking place in Amherst? Are you just complaining about the word "minority"?

  • At 5:05 PM , Blogger The Crew said...

    Not complaining, but commenting. It's a loaded term.


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