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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Perspectives on UMass-Amherst Hate Crimes

Amherst, MA -- We would like to re-frame this public, online discussion around the hate crimes that ocurred at UMass on February 3rd, 2008 and not the names/concepts that legal system uses (they become the default/norm terms that mainstream media uses to report the incident). We want to put YOU, the reader, in Mr. Vassell's shoes, just for a brief moment. When we talk about, write, or work from the idea of Jason Vassell as an "attempted murderer" who stabbed two men with a dangerous weapon ("allegedly" in self-defense), the events quickly transform. The tone automatically points to Mr. Vassell as a culprit and not a victim.

And when we work from Mr. Vassell "allegedy" defending himself against only one attacker and not two (especially when the incident report cites two racist attackers) the events take on a different character (even though they shouldn't). Further, we would like to emphasize the point that agressive, blatant acts of racism and hatred instigated this incident.

According to the Amherst Gazette, "the incident was sparked at 4 a.m. when two women visiting Vassell’s dorm opened a window and found a man’s face pressed against the window staring back at them. When Vassell asked the man (allegedly Bowes) to explain himself, the man went into a ‘loud tirade of racial invectives and violent threats directed at Vassell,’ the report states. Vassell then told him to go away, but instead of leaving, the man allegedly began kicking the window. The women then left the room and the police were called. While waiting for the police to arrive, Vassell called a friend for support, the committee claims. When Vassell opened the door to let his friend inside, Bosse and Bowes also entered the lobby. One of the men then assaulted Vassell, breaking his nose, the report said. Following this, Bosse and Bowes were stabbed."

The re-frame is in order: a man is staring into your window, utters "a loud tirade of racial invectives and violent threats directed at Vassell"/you; starts kicking in your window; you see he is with another individual or maybe you knew there were two racist, angry men together the whole time; you are in the middle of small-town Western Massachusetts surrounded by some towns that still have an active KKK; you are on a campus where police constantly harass you and where you don't have a sizeable community or an in-tact response system if "something goes down" because of the lack of "minority" students on campus...

Continuing... the two men who called you all kinds of names that white people have been calling you and your ancestors for 500 years have now broken into your building; the two white men who told you they wanted you dead are now illegally inside of your home and are breaking your nose. You have been beaten and nobody is able to stop the two white men. It appears you might just die as those two white men hoped. WHAT DO YOU DO? It is 2 crazy white dudes vs. you, a student, whose window and nose were just kicked in. You let them beat you until you die? Or do you fight back, do you use the object you have in your pocket just in case "something goes down" in the middle of nowhere, where cops will arrest you for looking at someone the wrong way or for just being somewhere "at the wrong time"? I think the answer is obvious: you fight back. And what happens? You are the first one to get arrested, you are put on trial for murder, the legal system forgets it was 2 vs. 1, forgets that two ignorant white hicks from kkk-ville New Hampshire, just over the state line, had kicked your window in and beaten you silly.

Now you have to explain why you couldn't have just "taken on" the one white guy without stabbing him. You have to explain that there were two racist hicks and not one. You have to explain why you defended yourself to people who don't understand what it means to be in a school that is 90% or more white, that allows its police force to constantly harass you, that does nothing to make you feel comfortable on a campus with a bizarre geographical position and increasing racial tension (see Haloween costume incident), close to NY and Boston, but still in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, you are on trial for murder, and the money to pay for this legal system that put you in this position is running out.


  • At 9:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am glad to see that SOMEONE is putting this incident into perspective, citing all the reasons why self-defense is normal, particularly in an environment such as this one. Racism is rampant on campus(es) and it is rampant in the community at large--regularly and frequently practiced not only by "hicks" but by so-called "educated" professionals--doctors (especially), proprietors, landlords/"ladies" (particularly), "human" service agencies and on and on. In fact, I wonder sometimes if some of these very same people aren't active members of the KKK chapter you refer to. There is a goulash of bigotry, with the some of the same bigots showing up in different capacities (sometimes where there is a direct conflict of interest. This is why the problem of racism is never really addressed in earnest in the Pioneer? Valley, despite the false perpetuation of the area as, per capita, one of the most progressive, intellectual, intelligent enclave of thinking and community-minded individuals. Hah! Hampshire county is the only place where I have been called a nigger to my face (twice); it is the only place where I had a doctor repeatedly use a perjorative term designed to defend during a visit and laughed with delight when I let on that I was onto what he was doing? it is the only place where I have been repeatedly attacked, trounced and trashed, i.e. libel, 5th degree verbal assault by an MD, verbal assault by two officers on two different occasions (with other bigots "hungry for my head" as well in attendance as well). For all their progressive IDEAS and declarations, residents of the Valley are remarkably silent when it comes to really championing civil rights or human rights.
    I think the arrest and charging of Mr. Vassell with the crime of self-defense the SAME public outcry and outrage that the attack involving the Jena Six in Lousiana sparked, followed by the support of THOUSANDS marching for all over the country. I don't see or hear anything from Al Sharpton. THE INSANITY IN THIS VALLEY HAS GOT TO STOP. People here have got to stop letting those who perpetuate racism and racist acts blow their own horn about how progressive, tolerant and educated (and all the other euphemisms used) while the casualties keep piling up.Maybe the "sleeping giants" at the NAACP can be roused to action. And what action or involvement has the Human Rights Commission taken to date? Are they just puppets and handmaidens of the ones crowing about how "tolerant" they are? Dr. Martin Luther King--who daughters atteneded college in this area-- would backflip in his grave if he knew how lazy and lackadaisical the "talented tenth" are in this bastion of education--as would Dr. DuBois. MAKE MORE NOISE!!! The spotlight on civil and human rights crimes is regularly shone on every other place--Darfur, Kosovo, So Africa, Holyoke, Springfield--EXCEPT HERE.

  • At 9:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I would like to comment on the actions of Jason Vassell. There seems to be a lot of support for this young man because of the racial incident that took place . but the bottom line is Mr. Vassell should have called the "Police" instead of his friend. And I can't understand what he was thinking when he went and opened the door to let the 2 racial name callers into the building. Any body in there right mind knows there is going to be a fight once that door is opened, and he brought a "KNIFE" to the fight which seems to be premeditated. All actors should be charged by police as the crime fits.

  • At 11:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The person whose comment is directly above mine obviously did NOT read the entire story. The story said that Mr. Vassell called the police and his friend. It also states that he opened the door to let his friend in. And what exactly do you mean by PREMEDITATED? He was in his dorm room...HIS HOUSE! How many of us don't have a knife of some sort laying around in our house? Think about what you write before you make a post.

  • At 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    According to the police log, Jason did not let those ignorant hicks in the dorm. They broke in, and that in itself should be punishable by law -- AND BOTH OF THOSE WEASLE-looking slime balls should be punished for breaking and entering and attempted murder.

  • At 12:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jason was wearing a ski mask saying "I'm gonna stab you" when he went into the lobby to "let his friend in". THATS why it's considered premeditated.

    Most people don't need to wear a ski mask for "self defense. Jason emerged from his dorm room ready to murder.

    Stopping racism is a good cause. Rallying around a person like Jason is not. Sorry.

  • At 9:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    SKI MASK? SAYING "I;m Gonna Stab You"????

    I never saw that in the police report... Is that written somewhere. If that is true, you have a point. But, I don;t think it is true. There was no mention of ski mask and no mention of saying "I'm gonna stab you."

    so, your argument is not a strong one without the documentation

  • At 6:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The whole lobby incident is on video. Do you think that Jason's girlfriend and friends would need to be starting this rally if Jason looked like a victim on the surveillance tape?

    The answer is no, by the way.

    This rally is going on because making it a race issue and getting people to sign petitions is the only thing Jason has going for him in this case. The actual evidence (which is on video) makes Jason look like a murderer. Good luck getting his charges reduced by spreading lies in the media and around campus about what happened. Unfortunately, once more details are revealed in this case, all of Jason's supporters will feel a little silly.

    Luckily for them, and unfortunately for the world, there are plenty of actual hate crime victims that could use community support… I’d suggest you all find a cause that doesn’t center around somebody who has severe anger management problems.

    People can be mean, especially after a night of drinking, and insulting somebody’s race, age, weight, ect. is not nice. But it happens, to those of us not in a minority it usually takes a different form, but people get insulted. This is not the last time Jason will be called a mean name in his life and if this is how he reacts then he should be locked up.

  • At 1:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That comment about people rallying should be contextualized: this is a racist system and all to ofte people who are innocent get locked up because of their skin color, hair texture, language, you name it. Without support, the system can (as it always does) easily look over the CENTRAL ROLE OF RACISM in this incident.

    You mention the tapes as if you have seen them: can you send a link to them? How can we see what was going on and judge for ourselves? And like you said, all that is filmed is the lobby incident, not the events that lead up to the attack. Again, WE'D ALL LIKE TO SEE THE TAPE, why is that not out there for the public to see????

    Last thing: I don't think people rallying for Jason are spreading lies. You have to realize that racism is ongoing and transforms our LIVES in this country and world. People know that this incient involves race and that this is a COMMUNITY WITH RACIAL TENSION and it repeats over and over. If people don't organize ad create some kind of resistance to the DAILY racism they experience, people can do anything. Which is a big part of this incident.

    Your right: Jason doesn't have much going for him because this system goes after black men and makes people think that race is never an issue. Bullshit. IT'S ALWAYS AN ISSUE.

  • At 11:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If Umass students want to address that using racial slurs in an argument is crossing the line, that's one thing. I would love to support a rally solely based on getting "the n word" eliminated from our culture's vocabulary. It’s too commonly used by people who either don’t understand or don’t care how much it can hurt people. I've even heard people who aren't racist use that word with the defense- "I have friends who are black and they don’t mind if I use the word so why should anyone else". I absolutely, don’t agree with those people and agree with the person above me that it contributes to the daily racism that is a huge issue.

    But trying to get somebody's charges changed is another thing altogether. I have been following this story and I happened to notice that, although student groups eventually got involved in the rally, the one who started it WAS JASON’S GIRLFRIEND. The student groups want to put a stop to racism, but because the rally was started by somebody who
    a) wasn’t there and
    b) is incredibly biased-
    instead of focusing on the fact that racism is wrong and making sure that people are aware that it was a factor in this incident, people are focusing on Jason’s girlfriend’s version of the events and keeping Jason out of jail.

  • At 11:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I haven't seen the tapes, but I wish they would get released too. I’ve only heard about their existence, I don’t want to get to specific about that though. I don’t know that much about what is and isn’t allowed to be released to the media while there is a court trial going on. I don’t wanna get anyone I know in trouble just for wanting to talk about something scary they saw happen. Maybe I shouldn’t have even mentioned the tapes in the first place, I was just caught up in the shock of seeing people on this message board who truly seem to believe that using a racial slur warrents a stabbing. People who have enough sense to know that racism is bad, should also be able to see that trying to kill somebody who insults you is bad- regardless of how mean or historically loaded the insult is. But that’s just my opinion…

    Which, since somebody seems to be wondering, is based on the fact that I happen to know somebody who was outside the dorm that night. He doesn’t go to Umass but has friends who live in the Southwest dorms, and sometimes comes here to visit them. To this day, he has never met Jason Vassel or the two victims. I don't think he'll be testifying because everything he knows is already on video or also witnessed by police or other people.

    Apparently, it could be heard from outside the dorm that Jason was yelling "I'm gonna stab you". It could also be seen, police trying to get into the lobby. They were locked out. Instead of letting the police into the dorm, Jason chose to keep stabbing one of the people he was angry with... over and over and over. Police were, apparently, banging on the door, yelling to be let in and Jason was trying to finish the job. It sounded really messed up. From what I’ve heard, although I don’t expect you to take my word for it until the police and witnesses and video

  • At 11:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ... details are released to the public.

    After hearing somebody I trust, who was completely impartial describe what was clearly a disturbing night, I just couldn't believe that my fellow UMass students were trying to keep Jason from being charged with attempted murder.

    When Jason’s girlfriend spread her version of events around campus, it looks like she tried to make it sound like everything was happening at once.

    Really, if you look more closely, it was two separate incidents that occurred in two separate locations.
    1)The racial slur and banging on the dorm window
    2)The single punch that the victims got in before they were stabbed OVER AND OVER.
    Part one sucks and shouldn’t have happened but it doesn’t mean that Jason shouldn’t be held responsible for what happened in part two. The stabbing was an afterthought, as in after Jason decided he was so angry he would grab his knife and confront those boys while trying to conceal his face.

    The police were the ones who charged Jason with attempted murder. They did this because Jason attempted to murder somebody. From what I read about this case, everybody is aware of why Jason was mad. Charging him with attempted murder is not saying he doesn’t have a reason to be mad, its saying that somebody (the police) who was there and watched the surveillance tapes, determined that this was not a fight, this was an attack.

    I hear what you are saying about wanting to make sure that racism is addressed or it will repeat. I just think it’s a shame that in trying to eliminate racism, the Umass students were pretty much tricked into supporting using murder as a way to resolve anger.

    Maybe I’m too ambitious but I want a stabbing-free campus as well as a racist-free campus and I don’t think that rallying to reduce attempted murder charges for somebody who attempted to murder is the way to get that.

  • At 12:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anyways, I probably won't post any more on the subject. I just wanted to put in another point of view because this whole rally seemed a little one-sided and not based on that much fact.

    I also wanted to try to make a point that we should be careful not to support violence while trying to eliminate racism.

    You mentioned Martin Luther King and I agree that he would want us to draw attention to racism, it is a valid issue in the pioneer valley and people like you who have first hand experience with it SHOULD BE MAKING NOISE. Just don't forget that he rallied for equality and achieving equality through non-violent protest.

    Jason Vassell tried to kill somebody and should be in jail or anger management or something- not because he is a black man, but because he can't control his anger and is a danger to others.

    Other than supporting Jason, I agree with everything you are saying and keep fighting for a great cause, it sounds like you are really passionate about eliminating racism and I wish you all the luck and want to help this cause as well.

    I just also feel really passionately about not using violence and killing as a way of solving problems and hope that you can see how this comes into play with the Jason Vassell incident.

    All the best, hope I cleared a few thigs up...

  • At 1:47 PM , Blogger me said...

    Jason wasnt trying to kill people. The two white men were jumping him! They broke his nose before he pulled out his pocket knife. I have never heard anything about a ski mask ever, and ive been really closely involved with the movement. Ive been to his court hearing, they reviewed what was on the tapes, and it was "his girlfreind's version," the truth.

    Even if people believe that Jason's charges are fitting, consier this, only one white man is being charged with anything. The other has nothing being brought against him. What about harassment, breaking and entering, assault, battery, vandalism, tresspassing?!

    Another point is the criminal records of the three involved. Jason has no criminal record prior to the incident on Feb 3. The two white men were involved in a similar case just recently, and both have histories of violent offenses. People need to actually get all of the facts before posting rumors that they have heard.

  • At 5:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I cant believe this happened omg this is so heartbraking i never heard about tis until now it is just so silly. what has the world come to these days jeez the weez baba beez

  • At 8:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The justice system in US definitely has bias. Will you defend yourself when someone break into your house? It is not murder.

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