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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Scientists create 'no-tears' onions

Apparently, a group of scientists from New Zeland and Japan have deeme it necessary to develop a line on onions that, when sliced, do not make us "cry." One hormonal alteration and books like "Como agua para chocolate" become "dated." (it was the tears that fell into the food that led to the longing and weeping felt by every member of a wedding celebration). Instead of considering what happens when love is impeded by society, future students will consider another theme: why didn't they just use the "tear-less" onion; ho does the decision not to use the "tear-less" onion influence the novel; what would happen if I were to use a "tear-less" onion in a similar context? Those are the questions. But for now, Amherst Life's questions revolve around the ide of "what happens when we start putting DNA into our fruits and vegetables? How is this going to transform the human body, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdm, etc.? And, of course, what does Amherst think about the implications of using DNA injected food?

For more, check out the article on "tear-less" onions:


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