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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cab Fares in Amherst

Last night we called a local taxi company and asked how much it would cost to get a cab from Amherst center to Hadley, MA (specifically to Mi Tierra restaurant -- a great local restaurant!). The resonse: "it won't be more than $50." "No, no, Hadley with an 'H', not 'Bradley' as in the airport," an Amherst Life witer replied. "Yeah, I heard you," the dispatcher said, "no more than $50." Is this an isolated incident??? Are people paying $50 for a 10 minute cab ride to Hadley, MA, only a few miles down route 9? Please let us know!


  • At 6:45 PM , Blogger UmassMenus said...

    Hey I like your blog. I am one of the advisers for the Designated Driver's Club of Amherst and we heard a great deal of complaints about the high prices of cabs and their unreliability ( even during the day ).

    We also heard complaints from the driver's themselves that students rarely tip and have been known to ditch drivers or not be at their appointed place.

    What you just told me shows the condescension that cab drivers have in this area ( but in reality, I never have spoken to a nice dispatcher ). They have it towards students and there really isn't much of an alternative. Our group hopes to change that by involving a coordinate system of volunteers, community drivers, cab services, and carpool management to mitigate these circumstances.

    If you write more on your blog, I'll post your link on our site &


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